Month: September 2014


I feel in vain I feel I take up space I serve no calling at all I lost my focus, my calling So strong is my drive to provide solace to the weary. Indeed I need to take care, not […]

This Is My Hope

This is my hope for you, the child I love so dearly. I hope you learn to love yourself, as much as I did from the moment I saw your face. I hope money, lack of or abundance of, never […]

You Are Loved

You already are I love you through and through The turn of your head, the thought of you in my mind, has nothing to do with the place that measure mankind, It is your being, the breath of fresh air […]

The Bear and The Burden

We some times know not what to wear, The clothes seem to hide what is not shown. A burden is not inside…What must we hide? The place that came about one day from inside? We were hunting and being the […]

Here In My Heart

Here in my heart I hold the wealth of an empire In the brightest of moments In the stillest of quiet And the best peace I have everything I need in my heart Let me share this with you I […]


Hold me closely, while this breath is here in this cold morn Hear me dear while this note lingers upon my heart it waits on no one Touch me sweetly love, in this minute where it can’t be held beyond […]