Month: May 2015

I Don’t Think

I don’t think I can ignore the blood pressure issues any longer…   You know when you have too many issues going on, for too long? You just want to keep wading in the water and pray you can keep […]

Sometimes Sadness

Sadness sometimes brings you an expected heartache and a rush of determination! I watch a great deal of CNN. In doing this, I listen and reflect upon our human community! I have never seen the world as an us and […]


There  are so many … who  rush to inspire me! SUSTAIN ME… Fulfill me, fill me. Breathe life into me… Trisha! You assked which three? Oh that is so very difficult!…. When  BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS, YOU RAISE ME ME […]

We Really Need Signatures To Meet Our Goal! 

We still need signatures to have August designated as Gastroparesis Awareness Month! And have Gastroparesis established as a Disability #curegp #gastroparesis #EllenDanceWithRaven #green4gp #sign4gp all of these are hashtags to create awareness to meet the goal of getting these signed. […]

I Love Hats

I REALLY LOVE HATS!  Hats are really happiness! They are like getting to eat desert without the pain for me!  If I eat it is a precarious pursuit! If I manage make-up ( on the rare occasion and complete a […]