Month: January 2016

If I Were You & You Were Me GP

If I were you? Then there would be things I could not do?  But I could eat if I were you. If you were me and had GP? Then you would suddenly have to question every morsel of food that […]

Unicorn or Sheeple? 

Do you celebrate a unicorn? Do you tell your child or yourself be you! Do not be a diluted version of someone else! Or do you subscribe to the thought that there are just rhinoceros and mules with nothing in […]

Why We Unite

I know as a child I was taught many things by example. It was not by words but by deed. My father was a leader. He would see if there was a need for something in a community we lived […]

Old School

Sometimes I forget. The best way.  To turn your day? Is to go back.  Make the thing you see become the truth you hold inside be the thing shining so brightly from a long ago trek.  When writing was all […]

Stay the Course 

My heart is broken, I can see you in the ship. The bow is tipping,  I can barely see you cause the storms are ripping!  Your little body is trying to stay the course, even while it fights you already […]

How do you know?

I saw her sitting  by her husband, I was sitting/leaning against my hubby. We were all in the basement! Looking like Shel Silverstein’s too many kids in this tub! But nothing was funny! As I strived to not glance around […]

How Do I Know Love? 

How do I know Love?  I know love by its ways.  When I can’t lift my head for days?  You ask, “Hon, is there anything else I can do or you need?”  How do I know Love?  When forced to […]

Privileged While Incurable

I am privileged! There is no doubt about it! I am blessed with three amazing grown children who chose wonderful partners to spend their lives with and then on top of this there are 4 beautiful grandsons. When I say […]