Month: January 2017

Bridge or Wall 

Bridges or walls? Which are you? Personally? & philosophically?  During the times we are living in – these 6 dimensional lives of social- physical- emotional- spiritual- – financial- relationships and all of their tangentially created margin related issues. We must […]

Are You Being You?

Happy #MotilityMonday we need you! Not even anything particularly particular just You! It is vitally important to the rainbow of life, advocacy, & we need your voice! You know the voice from your one of a kind DNA? It makes […]

#GPBright &

Happy #SoulfulSunday #CureGP #GPStarSearch  I am so thankful I am not in a migraine mode at the moment. it is utterly exhausting to throw migraines in w/ our other issues as many of you know. but we begin anew Thank […]

Just a minute #GP

She is not kind, GP, irrespective of time,day,importance, nor the beloved nature of our interaction? She cannot find a way to compromise with me. She acts as though every moment, group, event is under her control. She can be delusional […]

What Do You Hear, See, Understand?

Our humanity, at times, depends upon context, the ears in which the words trickling into their Grace, & if hope is nestled within our hearts. dst 1-7-2017  (8+2+8 16+2 7+2=8 what do you see & think about this number?  Just a […]


#Green4GP #FactFriday I am so excited when it snows! (Even though it makes me utterly miserable) I have so many wonderful memories and the child part of me visualizes (with a few tears) the sleigh, both as a child, with […]

Mesentery a New Organ? Digestive News! 

It’s not every day you hear a new organ possibly found! Image from the internet site link

Dance vs Complain

We gave you ugly and you see beauty, are you crazy?  No, not Us!  Your life is in shambles to an onlooker even some say “a prison.” Still you say a “sanctuary,?” Me thinks your marbles have escaped your Royal […]