Listening to Beirut

August 4, 2020 As we see our day break upon its tenuous dawn, rising….. Sometimes it takes a bit of subtraction to arrive at our solution August 6, 2020 And very early early in the morning the first day of […]

Our History is Speaking

Our History Is Speaking Are we listening, being a reflection? John Lewis inspired so many of us, along with the legacy of peaceful humility leading til yesterday. He kept his humble way of – “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, […]

Questions -Doors -Unintended

Questions -Doors -Unintended The best intentions of those without intentions only there to watch the scenery A type of hereditary heresy bored with their day ready to be entertained by others lives, Or perhaps they have intentions and ready to […]

Becoming Activated

Becoming Activated In a minute, second of millisecond, flash of a dart immeasurable by most We can fly, dive, or tunnel our way to a breath more than exhale from an inhale. Becoming, transformed, reflected, maturated, perhaps pasteurized into stability […]


Admission Change, maturity, transfer, an understanding through knowledge with compassionate empathy is perhaps our greatest strength and weakness in humanity. What we once thought we truly passionately believed to be true becomes a revelation in our growth – maturity. Were […]

It’s Like This

It’s like this …. Chronic journey #BeYou! Everyday always 24/7/2020 Everyday is a masterpiece Every moment is fabulousitynessuniqnes Magnificent on blast + actified You are an exquisite blessing matched by no one! Every breath an attribute to be timelessly treasured […]

Blessed Be To The Blessed To Be

Blessed Be to the Blessed To Be We are humbly blessed to be blessedly blessed by our blessings. May we share blessings be unto all uniquelyuniqueness flow upon our humanity. William Shakespeare born today, blessed us with the gift of […]

Motivation for #SeeYouSunday #COVID19

We #SeeYou #HearYou #FeelYou #AreYou encourage you to #BeYou the only you —>>>past, present, future! While #coronavirus #COVID19 has irreparably inexplicably altered our societal norms throughout time. The global pandemic has, is, will create what has always been our #Truth. […]