#RightCare = #Research

Twenty-Five years of Advocacy for patients with Gastroparesis  Twenty-five years of advocacy for patients with gastroparesis: support group therapy and patient reported outcome tool development Teresa Cutts, Sandra Holmes, Archana Kedar, Karen Beatty, Mohammad K. Mohammad and Thomas Abell  It […]

Gastroparesis – Haiku 

Gastroparesis – Haiku Gastroparesis  Destructive always Takes your life away #HR2311 https://goo.gl/rAJXFG to help #CureGP & request #Cosponsors! 

What It Takes To Travel w/ #MotilityDisorders

Thinking about a travel day with #Gastroparesis & all it entails with its companions #MotilityDisorders preparations. This is what it looks like three days prior to that travel day: Meds IV w/ port changes are they totally restocked? Extra clothes […]

Maybe Its #SaveALife

Maybe you left the table, it was to #SaveALife Or to call a friend, not to say I can see Russia If you had a restriction or something so wrong you couldn’t eat because digestion was improbable  Then I was […]