An #InvisibleIllness made all the more 

Because I am clinging to the door 

You know!? 

The one which says, “Hey World” I can still_________” and that blank is infinite! 

I don’t want my dignity robbed anymore! 

I try! With every breath inside my body, to do it like y’all! 

Cause I don’t want my doctors bailing on me, nor my few dear friends and family deciding this person who looks and acts normal is really quite abnormal! 

I mean who wants to hang with a constant party pooper? No energy, about to throw-up, maybe accident on the other end, double over in pain with sudden cramps or so lost  in breathing to try to get above pain you cannot think! Or your malnourished, dehydrated brain is swishing around like in a pea soup fog you are unable to process anything! Or you are one of the starvation mode survivors, who have swollen but are not able to eat, your heart races, but your outside body lies to the outside world! Because you are starving! They cannot see you or me! We are the #InvisibleIllness using #GPCamo & #GPKnockOutWithPrayer to not let #Gastroparesis get the better of us! #5PlusMillionGPStrong! 

If you are one of the #invisibleIllness please join the challenge and share your thoughts or your story! 

 Invisible Illness Story submissionGuidelines  

2 Thoughts to “#InvisibleIllness Week #GP See Me?”

  1. Deb…I love this post, or blog…whatever…you know me…not computer savvy; but, so true…I hear you and you are always, everytime so amazingly beautiful!! Go rock their world girlfriend!!

    1. Becky Thank you so very much! I do know you! You are beautiful, giving and dedicated to helping others and if I manage to do just 1/10 as you accomplish? I will feel accomplished! I awake each day with the prayer to be the cog in our community, to advocate, be a mirror for myself and our fellow GP community to further our goals of awareness, treatments, research, & prayerfully a cure someday for all these motility disorders! I pray stem cell regeneration solves this whole mess for all of us! But that is just a thought in my head! God Bless you Becky! & Thank you!

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