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I’ll never see where this little shell becomes your pearl.
When a little girl grows into her beautiful mystery or perfect complexity.
Or that little boy who doesn’t look like any other!
Normal is something abhorrent –
Absolutely to be shouted down.
It goes against our very inherent truth.
The pearl and the snowflake,
The fingerprint and the DNA
The only patterns we were meant to make were those which to be baked!
Cookies on the cookie sheet.
Not humans wishing to appear on teen beat or seventeen.
It goes against our internal guidance!
We were never meant to be a part of an assembly line of replicas, but variety beyond compare!
Not even one the same as the other!
Why do we try so hard to replicate that which was never meant to be?!
Just to be “normal” to be like the others? And not see our pearls?