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Managing Constipation: Levels/Degrees

Motility digestive tract issues come with chronic levels of symptoms as well as levels of both diarrhea and constipation.

Just because I say have a malfunctioning stomach, small intestine, and large intestine doesn’t mean they remain at the same degree of malfunctioning level.

Every person deals with fluctuations in their chronic illnesses in any situation. It is more accurate/valid in a digestive tract disease. Every day- hour depends upon both the degree of the motility level/degree as well as the progression. Then we add into the process/situation any medication/s fluid intake. Then we must also add how much solid or semi-solid food has been eaten or attempted. Then the hardest part of this equation is trying to interpret the level of gastric emptying through our digestive tract. Whether we have a malabsorption issue factors into this as well. If solid or semi-solid foods sits too long in your stomach? A factor. Does your large intestine function or do you have moderate to severe constipation? Do you deal with dehydration? Two more factors. Has your motility digestive tract issues progressed to involve your small intestine or has it always involved your small intestine where your nutrients are taken in. More factors.

The basic warning signs I have learned to watch for with constipation? ** Please note** I am NOT a doctor nor a medical professional! I am just sharing some things I learned from dealing with chronic illnesses- motility digestive tract issues. Gastroparesis, chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction syndrome, Colonic Inertia, along with POTS, and mitochondrial malabsorption. I had a colectomy in 2000 because my colon was so paralyzed I didn’t have a quality of life at all. It was done with a direct resection. I have approximately 7-9 inches of my large intestine-colon. I still have a digestive tract issues. I had to have a surgical obstruction removal in 2003 and 2015. The 2015 bowel obstruction was in my small intestine along with too many adhesions and intestinal tract issues for the surgeon to correct during my anesthesia time. It is with this chronic journey experience I have learned to watch my signals/warnings before having to go to the hospital.

Here are some of my observations- again- NOT A DOCTOR!

I do not allow three days to go by without dealing with constipation. I also use stool softeners s every day. At the beginning of my chronic journey phillips milk of magnesia was beneficial. I passed the stage where that was helpful, but I would still suggest it as a “try.”

The other good option is miralax.

At the very beginning of my diagnosis/es I tried ALL of the holistic options in hopes they would offer relief.

I recently pulled up the list of herbal teas to see if the list still matched my 1999/2000 memory.

They are: senna tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, dandelion tea, green tea, black tea, licorice tea, marshmallow root tea, chamomile tea, & parsley tea.

As I read through this list I realized the only one I had not tried was the dandelion tea. I have placed an order for an organic dandelion root tea. I currently still use chamomile, green, peppermint, ginger, and even more specifically the green matcha tea powder.

Trying a routine of dealing with chronic constipation is a very delicate balance especially if you have nausea and vomiting with the constipation. I am blessed to have IV hydration fluids along with antiemetics because of the symptoms and inability often to do anything orally or absorb the benefits when attempting to do so.

The next observation is how constipation feels. It comes in waves. The spasms are like labor pains in some ways. If you are a man it is like deep muscle spasms. They come across your lower abdomen like knife cutting across you from the inside out. It take your breath away, like you have been sucker punched. There was small amounts of watery diarrhea and awful nausea. The pain would subside then come back in another wave. Then intensity would increase and then small amounts green bile I would begin to vomit.

My first obstruction in 2003 wasn’t easy to see on an x- ray. I remained hospitalized about a week. I was very sick. They finally took me into exploratory surgery. I was told it was “just in time.” It was just about to rupture. My stomach was flat, I didn’t present all of the classic symptoms and their x-rays couldn’t see the obstruction.

This is the reason, I share my observations in hopes anyone else can perhaps take the combination of information to help keep themselves moving with motility. Then as well know how the signs of constipation will feel. It presented itself in the same way both times. If I pay attention to these painful warning/s? Then I have been – praying for all and myself- so far kept the balance.

I -my doctors have added linzess to my personal constipation treatment plan. While my pain is not only in my lower abdomen, but in my upper right. Which I have interpreted as my small intestine progression. Our digestive tract issues do speak to us. It is an opportunity for us to learn how to use the information from the chronic journey growth experience in an empowering way. This has been my translation, that our symptoms, levels, degrees, and varying diagnoses can contribute to our quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic communities.