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Found – Sacred- Proud

  • Debbie 

When everything about you allows me to be me it fulfills the Agape meaning of Peace meant to infinity both here and hereafter never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun come into question when an ego doesn’t have to be served, but is… Read More »Found – Sacred- Proud

One Of …

  • Debbie 

My favorite memories which gives me inspiration spoons… We had just begun our journey in our current home. The pond was apparently an irresistible lure to the three children who found themselves there on/in the pond. Imagine my surprise when I look up to see… Read More »One Of …

Peace In Me

  • Debbie 

Peace in Me When Everything about you Allows me to be me It fulfills the Agape Meaning of Peace meant to infinity In the here and hereafter Never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun Come into question When an ego doesn’t have to… Read More »Peace In Me