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Do you have a cloak?
I am a super hero in secret … You are too!!
Maybe you have a cloak too!
Joseph had a coat of many colors
Dolly sang about hers
I wear in the real a beautiful sleeveless robe
Which makes me feel like a super hero
I put on my cloak in the real and in the non
But serves both
Nothing can pierce this predetermined state
A lil tiny bloom of confidence watered into a full-blown tree off strength
A CAPE, a CLOAK, a SUPERPOWER, better than any wish has been birthed!
It is your peace
Only disturbed from within
It can be nurtured, watered, refueled, strengthened, redefined, but no one has control
Of this unless
You give it to them
It is from God above .. We never have to agree on the parameters , but we all know, what peace feels like..
It is blue for me
What is it for you?