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My Theme Song

God Bless you today!
I want to go climb a Mountain
Pray with the monks in India
Sit silently and contemplate life with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama
Then I want to go to a rock concert in Wales and sing Hallelujah
Like Jeff Buckley was standing next to Gandhi and Mother Theresa herself
Then go to Russia and sing with Elton John, Eminem, Harvey Milk, and
Turn Putin onto Pink
Next I would love to just visit every mountaintop, every temple, every song ever sung and know God’s voice was in it
I want each and every door to be opened to the poor, the hungry, the unwanted faces, because they are Jesus at your door
Not the clean pretty nicely wrapped one
the down and dirty one
that could be found everywhere .. Without stones

So let peace be among us
And therefore it would be done