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Love let me speak to thee
Only with my lips
And let it be in love
Where no tongues lie and bliss survives
I can’t dismiss lies
Or abide by inflections led in this disguise
Where hearts pretend and become what is not
Let love speak to thee
And make all see
What lies beneath these snakes and rattles
Nothing hides its face
When tongues click and clatter
Everything is seen
In this daylight all is
Brought to the day
No longer hiding itself in the guise
It thinks it can’t be seen
under an old story
centuries old
days gone by
Weeks and months
Years and decades
Into centuries
It is a fool to think
It can’t be revealed
But by definition
It thinks it’s lie will survive
But no !
this is a fake game
Living on borrowed time
Waiting for a sleepy mind
Those who know
Will find him a complete bore
Only one song does he know
Drama , lie, crisis, lie, and on and on it goes
Love speak to me
Where weeping only endures a night
And Joy cometh in the morning
For us all
Even those who seem unreachable
It can turn in the blink of an eye
Love speak to me