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Baby You And Me

My love is always ready to be
I stand beside you
In front of you
Behind you
And dare any to try and come thru me
To get to you
When you are down
I won’t let you down
If I see love falling
Or acting out of its self
I’ll jerk it around
And remind it
Is not selfish or unkind
Because it has to go thru me to get to you
And I might look small
But I am a Gorilla in a lil mist
Waiting to tear you apart
If you act like you don’t know what love
Means or how it works
Because you and me are one
Baby you and me
We won’t let anyone take either of us down
Because we walk this road together
And I know you got me like I got you
Yeah baby
My love is ready to be
Baby it is you and me