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They said,
You can’t do that
That is what
They said
And when someone says
Oh you can eat
Maybe it will help you feel better
Or just try a little bit of this or that
Try to put that food in your belly
Smell and sniff some food?
Nothing is wrong is it ? Is it really?
You can do it!
Like they are trying to get to the “truth”
Through gastroparesis aka gp
They are using torture on us
GP waterboarding is … what is up
My stomach does not work
Go eat!
Then smell of the food!
Makes my nausea go up to a 10 from a 3
And you want me to gather in and around all these smells
You want me to cook and get the food just right?
look up at the above aforementioned trials and travails
So you can see me turn green?
You like gp waterboarding?
Is that what — THEY CALL IT?
but you you think it is cool to suggest
These things to us
While not giving a thought to the fact
That we have a paralyzed stomach
Like you would tell a paraplegic to go hike Mt Everest?
Yep it is GP waterboarding y’all
We eat to live
Not live to eat
So, now~~Don’t act like you don’t know!