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What Would You Do?

What would you do? 

If you wanted to eat? But it meant pain? 

If you wanted to dance but your blood pressure drops and your world spins? 

If you wanted to think clearly? But malnutrition had hog tied your brain? 

If your thoughts are bathed in a foggy pea soup? 

And you can’t find a path leading out of this myriad of circumstances? 

If everyday was crap shoot? Lottery ticket to how you are able to function?

If the thing you drank or sipped, or gingerly ate was safe yesterday … Is your nightmare today? 

What would you Do? 

If every facility looked at you? 

And asked what do you have? And do not have a clue? 

What do you do? 

You fly like an eagle warrior! 

Because you are the voice, you are waiting to hear. 

That is what you would do 

If you were told you have Gastroparesis this year!