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Today and Yesterday

i have always wondered what those days were like, 

The days when change was happening, 

When the layers of hate was being pulled back , being pushed and pulled back, in all its inalienable ugliness

Like a boil of puss

To bleed and drain the toxicity out of us

To see those flames of us and them melt into the ashes of old wars

To be taught in school and learned by future generations 

Like how women could not vote and blacks could not eat and drink together

Nor attend the same schools

Yes, I had always wondered until it all came back

Because hate had never left its ugly face from our world 

Ferguson came up onto surface within days of celebrating Selma’s 50th Anniversary! 

I wonder no more 

it has walked through our door! 

We are watching a call to arms to snatch hate from our hearts and minds

So we can all see that Glory sung about in the days to come 

While we march forward into a better kingdom