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I Dream to Receive

I dream of an event! 

Where today’s and yesterday’s musical talent come together! 

A sprinkling of all genres 

Who also collaborate for the first time ever…, why ? 

Because they are standing up for Gastroparesis 

We stand to face days where nutrition is our worst enemy and our lifeline to this world! 

What kind of cruel trick is this? 

What you need most tortures you! 

Food, drinks, medicine to treat your symptoms …. They can’t get past our faulty wiring! 

Your pain is not even able to be managed adequately… Because this will slow down your already compromised digestive track! 

So just live in pain! 

Then you have other illnesses, reactions to medications, allergies to medications, 

It goes on and on 

Who will give the soundtrack to our Gastroparesis Awareness journey? 

And take up our cause? 

We dream of this day and speak what we intend to receive!