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I Don’t Know About You

i don’t know about you but I love sitting in my moment

Waiting for the next breath to reveal this tapestry 

I don’t know about you but Gastroparesis can’t reveal anything about me 

It isn’t me


GP is not a piece of me nor is mitochondrial, sjogrens, migraines, hyerhomocysteiemia, nor is shortened bowel due to colon inertia with pseudo obstructive bowel syndrome

That rules my world. 

I don’t know about you but my truth defines me not symptoms, diseases , diagnosis, treatments, or expectations, treatments of life quality 

it is something larger than all of these ! 

I don’t know about you 

But I choose the peace of today with grace and positive refrain

Rain … Let it pour

The Beauty of every storm brings fresh clear skies

I don’t know about you but I see rainbows everyday