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Define optimist ,

Have you looked it up? Now if you have and know that is the only way 
You are seeing princess and GP in the same sentence

You are quite limited if your energy levels are diminished due to dehydration and malnutrition– so you better figure out a way to see the world as a princess or nothing will seem so cheery but if you can hold on and flip this script ? Then you get GP Princesses! 

I have a southern crown .., meaning hats abound and a southern way! So yeah y’all is a part of my fabric and you have to take the long road! Everything is a story! 

But you are a GP Princess… While in a state of malnutrition–dehydration– malabsorption— and pain ..,  and it is usually a bless your heart kind of day… The southern … Kiss of death! ( sorry) 

I will be laughing while my kaftan flows behind me