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We Would Prefer

WE WOULD PREFER to be seen

Than to be ignored! 

Are you seen? 

Do you feel like you speak but you are not heard? 

Do you look at a magazine, a TV advertisement, a new prescription, or procedure? And just think when will it be our turn? 

And think? I want to go into a doctor’s office, emergency room, and not have to explain myself! 

Or fight to stay alive! Because of the lack of options due to the lack of knowledge, due to the lack of awareness? And as a by-product of all of this is lack of research into solutions for people to live healthy complete lives! 

If someone were to tell you,   “you will slowly starve to death, your organs will fail, your body will break down in any number of ways !! There is no rhyme or reason for the path … ” Kind of like our DNA this story can unfold in numerous ways! 

“But they are all tortuous and painful!” If someone said, this? To a community of people loudly enough?  And often enough? Don’t you think people would care? That they would respond? With an answer of…”Oh my Sweet Lord! This cannot stand this way!!!”

THE TIME HAS COME!!!   #curegp #gastroparesis #ellendancewithRaven #green4gp #weRallRavenGPersUnite #BeOn11