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When We Dream 

I think #curegp #ellendancewithRaven 

I believe our song has already begun to be played! 

The stage has been set! The melody is playing! The beat is bopping! 

I hear music non-stop! I see the candle lit stage! I see the artists coming up one by one to play for the benefit! So no one will starve in the future withis hideous disease! This slow torture… Of a battle of wills! 

I see the outdoor concerts being held in the summer breeze of my dear home of Tennessee! I can feel the breeze on my skin! It will be magical! The day is drawing close my friends!! We will have the outdoor concerts here in my current home too in the Delta Blues and up in the Ozarks! All over #gpnation! 

 When no babies will be being fed by feeding tubes! When twenty year olds won’t be dying before having lived their lives at all! Nor will families be broke or broken by the strain of it all! 

The day is coming it is drawing near when we dream all we seek these things we seek become reality!