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NGastroparesis #GPNation #curegp

Gastroparesis is a condition that reduces the ability of the stomach to empty its contents, but there is no blockage (obstruction). (If something is being obstructed it may indicate something else) 

The biggest thing to remember as a personal note, is life can change from day today. Our digestive tract can vary from not moving to dumping and we can never know which one is going to be the choice for any given day. Along with gastroparesis, most patients have other diagnoses that go along with this disease. I personally have migraines, Sjogren’s, mitochondrial disease,and  chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction. Most of us have issues with either gluten, dairy or other allergies which complicate the nutritional aspects of this condition in other aspects. Staying hydrated is a huge issue! Meats are usually very hard to digest so most patients with gastroparesis tend to stay away from all red meat, pork and usually chicken…,fish seems to be the least stressful on the digestive system. 

What works for one gastroparesis patient may not work for another gastroparesis patient – what works for you one day may not work for you the next day! It is like a giant labyrinth  with a puzzle inside of the puzzle creating tension and stress and malnutrition with dehydration in a never ending merry-go-round! This is why it is imperative that we have gastroparesis awareness to help increase funding for further research, treatments, and ultimately a cure!

Faces of GP 
Penny’s Video for Gastroparesis Awareness! #curegp #EllenDanceWithRaven
MVP VIDEO for Raven by D.J.williams
THV 11 interview March 16, 2015 of Raven Walton – About Her Beautiful Journey for #GastroparesisAwarenes
Additional Dance made by Raven for Ellen for Gastroparesis Awareness  Campaign #ellendancewithRaven
Viral video explaining Faces of GP! 
The Ellen Nation link used to Vote for our GP Sisters and Brothers 
Once there register ( it is an easy process, search for, #ellendancewithRaven… Then vote and you can cross share on FACEBOOK, Twitter, google+, etcetera! Let’s get our awareness on #GPnation)
First annual St Patty day event for Gastroparesis
Petition to congress to Declare August Gastroparesis Awareness Month
Petition to Congress to establish Gastroparesis a disability
Penny’s video 
GP Alliance Facebook Group

Note:   I am not a doctor and all medical decisions should be made with a qualified motility specialist! And you should remember it is your body no one knows it better than you! Please become a knowledgeable patient once you are diagnosed and become a voice please if you already have been diagnosed  in the gastroparesi/ motility community!