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Peace Be Still

Why? Iamokaynow? Because you speak what you believe! 

“I can’t is not in your vocabulary!” was something my parents ingrained within me! I heard the stories of my parents and observed what they accomplished! Went to dog shows, Rose shows, all trailing along behind my Father! He was a pharmacist with an Add on degree of Doctrate of pharmacy. While completing that degree, he would be teaching, in the college, at hospital, Sunday School, doing Optimist clubs, Amercan Rose Society ( creating hybrid and new roses) and raising cocker spaniels ..  While readying them for competition in dog shows… And the thing is ? I am probably leaving things out! My Mom did March of Dimes, Girl Scouts with me and of course any and all things with my two brothers! 

This philosophy that the only one getting in your way is yourself? It was lived every day of my life! My Dad passed away in 1977. This would drastically change the course of our lives but I was 15 at this time the dye was set! I knew the Lord was with me. My Dad was never truly away from me and no matter what anyone said, I would determine whether my success or my attitude about my life was sour, downcast. 

When I was diagnosed, with Gastroparesis, chronic intestinal Psuedo-obstruction, migraines, sjogrens, and eventually mitochondrial malabsorption? In the midst of this , all but 3 -5 inches of my large intestine (colon) was removed. It all began to make sense. I keep waiting for the medical community to see us so that my faith and optimism can bear fruit! I do not have an expiration date nor does my optimism and faith!

The day before the vaccines were discovered? It was unimaginable! The day before any medical breakthrough?? It was unimaginable! IAMOKAYNOW! Because we will #IamRaven because my name & yours will be benefited when a million people sign our proclamation and petition->> which then moves us on down the road to research!! Then ? you got i! the ultimate goal #curegp! Then we will all be saying! IAMOKAYNOW