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#Gastroparesis We Are Not A Car. …#curegp

We are not a car, but here is an analogy! And don’t you wish you could get just 1/2 as many check-ups with less hassle? It is easier getting an oil change than trying to maintain our own lives! 

Ok, here is  the situation!  People say, well you “look okay” or ” I saw you eat this or that the other day!” And while we are not a car? This example works, if you put sugar into the gas tank of a car, what happens? If you use the wrong oil filter and oil, what happens? It will not work just like our guts do not work! We can give-in to a terribly desirous need to eat..  BECAUSE WE ARE STARVING!!! and pay for it for days! Or try to appear normal! But it didn’t change the internal facts at all! Like if you put that sugar in your gas tank? You KNOW YOU ARE GOING to have a problem!!!!  Well just know! The food we desperately want to eat and try to eat at some point causes us a problem! Just a lil #gastroparesis analogy to help our invisible illness make sense. While we fight for #GastroparesisAwareness and lead us towards a #curegp