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Today I Am Trying

Today I Am Trying! It is what I do every day! I wake-up put my peace shoes on and then meditate on the grace of which I will give myself and others! Living with motility disorders. In a state of malnutrition, in and out of dehydration takes a toll on your body. I have been doing this dance for over nineteen years now. And peace plus patience is my survival. I try on a daily basis to determine what will or will not digest inside of my a body who decides it wants to protest or go into migraine mode on a daily basis. Never knowing whether the liquids or semi-soft foods which worked yesterday… Will be a no-no today? So grace, with a huge helping of peace boat is my most consistent recipe! My best cookbook choices are the beatitudes, the four agreements, and the optimist creed! Then I use the do unto others as you would have done unto you as a side helping. While “do no harm “is my cherry topping!  My “three sides a day” are zofran and phenergan” and while this may sound bleak, you must remember, I am in a peace boat and have found a sanctuary of where I am fighting a with a purpose now! 

We are seeking awareness for these motility disorders! Specifically GASTROPARESIS, we wish to raise the curtain on this invisible illness, and thereby increase research, and ultimately attain a cure!