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I Love Hats

I REALLY LOVE HATS!  Hats are really happiness! They are like getting to eat desert without the pain for me! 

If I eat it is a precarious pursuit! If I manage make-up ( on the rare occasion and complete a shower with hair done. … Which is like a marathon… Usually a two hour process~ with breaks) and can play with my hats it is like getting on a swing and just taking off! But with way less effort physically! 

Hats are just so incredibly cool! They make a drab day happy!  And when you put them with just the right set of necklaces oh my watch out! 

We have successfully lifted off from Gastroparesis, migraine, pain and nausea world to …I might be in London or sipping tea in India or Africa… Or on the front porch in Hawaii.. See we can be anywhere we need to be! Just throw that hat in place and take your ticket to your special destination …you know you want to go!