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Sometimes Sadness

Sadness sometimes brings you an expected heartache and a rush of determination! I watch a great deal of CNN. In doing this, I listen and reflect upon our human community! I have never seen the world as an us and them. It may have not always reflected itself as loudly as it does now, but we are all the same! Thereby, when I see sadness or heartache it is not over there or somewhere else. 

So with this context, can you imagine, how hard it is to see the repeated loss of Gastroparesis brothers and sisters? From this disease and its array of accompanying diagnosis, which invariably come with it? Then to compound this anguish you are trying to create awareness about our disease in hopes of advancing research to attain a cure! 

Now imagine, the loss of a Gastroparesis family member and their loved one said, (as is completely appropriate for them to do so! ) they do not want their wife, mother, sister, niece, aunt remembered in the context of GASTROPARESIS,  but of their loving ,kind ,and beautiful person they have known them to be all of their life! 

As I reflected upon this, I realized this ugly disease is being regarded so similarly as a terrorist or a mass shooter. And you may be thinking, oh that is extreme! But I feel the analogy is quite similar. GASTROPARESIS is the unwanted unexpected entity we guard against, but still catches us through the cracks like a sleeper cell. And after a mass shooting we want to remember the good people who did nothing to deserve to be in this painful trauma! 

Well we as  Gastroparesis patients have done nothing to be in this painful trauma either! We are warriors standing guard at the door, fighting with our last breath! We will see a cure for Gastroparesis! And while each of us choose different coping skills? We can all respect the path of each other in our common Human Experience! 

We will prevail in this fight! If you feel led to help us? Please go to Gastroparesis Fighting for Change and you will find our stories ( please like our community page too!) 

Here are some links for further information! 

Petition to congress to Declare August Gastroparesis Awareness Month
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 International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders – IFFGD

If you feel led to donate for research here is their donation link! International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders -Donation