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I Don’t Think

I don’t think I can ignore the blood pressure issues any longer…  

You know when you have too many issues going on, for too long? You just want to keep wading in the water and pray you can keep floating along in smooth waters? Now this may not seem like a rational way to look at life and health ~ unless you have been living with chronic health issues~  which have no answers or cure! Do not mistake this sentence as a giving up kind of attitude! I am the least likely giving up person you may ever meet! I just have learned in this walk through this maize of digestive issues ~ there are so many non-answers ~ if you get on a hamster wheel you might be there awhile! I have to guard my energy like it is the rarest of priceless gifts these days… Because it is! 

So, here is where I am! I have given the Midodrine over a month to stabilize my low blood pressure issues.  I am still a mess. I am going to have to decide where I am going because this blurred vision, headaches, and feeling totally unstable everytime I stand up is really getting ridiculous! My blood pressure is dropping still when I stand rather than rising. This is still occurring after taking Midodrine for over a month. Obviously something is off, I just have to get ready to jump back into the hamster wheel because answers are never easy with digestive motility patients! 

It is precisely for this reason we need awareness and our bill to pass through congress! 

H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015
If you need a support for a motility disorder or a support group? Gastroparesis fighting for Change has links to both and you can also make your voice heard by signing the petitions for an Awareness month in August and to have Gastroparesis designated as a disability! Petition to congress to Declare August Gastroparesis Awareness Month

Petition to Congress to establish Gastroparesis a disability
If you need more information about Motility Disorders or would like to donate to research you can go to 

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders – IFFGD
Their Donation page is: 

I hope this and everyday finds you blessed! 💚🌻💚