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Do You Know?

Do you Know? 

Or maybe see who is behind a smile? Do you know it might be you one day looking for answers? 

Do you know? The ill, incurable sick trying to live with their last breath? Could be you? 

Do you know there is little between the space of what can I do for you and ending your day at 5::00 pm? 

Do you know it is an insult to care about the trivial while not acknowledgIng  5 million souls suffering in wait? 

Have you met my companion Gastroparesis? Or its friends? Do you know I hope you never do? 

Because when I pray each morning and meditate it includes Do unto others as you would have done unto you. 

Do you know about this motto? If so? Then you know! Thank you! 

(If you are wondering what I am thanking  you for? It is for calling your congressman about supporting H.R.2311, signing our 2 petitions and helping in any small way you can to give a voice to our community starving for awareness! is a good resource and liking our community page will help. The IFFGD is another good resource. Again thank you)