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Life moves

Life moves even when you do not! I am reflecting upon a moment in time when I made an attempt to take my meds, my life of 24 hour medical infusion needs on the road early in my walk with motility issues! It was a once in a lifetime moment! My Dad had passed away in 1977, up until that moment my Mom, myself, and my two brothers had spent every summer in the Smoky Mountains! It has always felt like ” home!” 

In 2001, my brother returned from being overseas in Japan and the Phillipines after over 20 years with his family (wife and 5 girls) and my brother in Kentucky came with his wife and 3 boys along with two of my 3 grown children for a trek across Tennessee towards the Smoky Mountains! A trail of convey of vehicles leaving from Arkansas going through the places we had lived as children! 

But you see about 6 hours into our trip I needed to run my meds! Well hubby goes to get the huge bag! And it is not there! He is like ” you did not put it in the back?” I am, “no , I thought you did!” He says, “do you want me to turn around? “No” I reply! We finally decide to call the IV company. There is a home supply company in an upcoming town which can provide supplies! The rest of my needed supplies can be sent to our destination! When I say I have had angels watching over me in many instances I do not lie! I do not think I can fully express what it feels like to be having doors opened by unseen angels in an area you were all over as a child with a Father you adored, and your brothers for the first time in 30 years! 

We are back on the road to the Nantahala Gorge a little family owned campground for the first night in N.C. I wanted the first night to be in an area not with memories of what we had done as children but new memories! As much joy as this was? It is hard too! Our Dad passed away when he was 38 years old, it was hard for us all! The movements of this trip was going to be healing but painful too! The Nantahala is a beautiful area! It was a blessing to get there, not have a bug in sight and hear the cold clear running water running while falling off to sleep.  

We took off the next day to head over for the Greystone Lodge the same hotel we had stayed at as children! We checked in and everyone prepared to go to the pool! As we were? The Bears came! It was like once again the guardian angel of our father was telling us, smiling,” I am still there with you! Loving and laughing with you through everything! ”

Even the most difficult of unexpected moments can provide insight into unseen blessings!