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Long Ago & Far Away

Long ago & far away I did something to face my greatest fear

It was an exercise to make it clear? 

Similar to jumping off a cliff to get over that stifling breath stealing fear 

You can relate can you not? 

Doing something? Simply because you cannot? 

It has come in handy! I had no idea these little skills were building muscles 

Preparing  me for something I could have never imagined 

Those lazy days of meeting myself coming and going 

Breaking out with hives at the thought of speaking in front of a crowded place? 

Taking it for granted that I could grab a bite, run on empty to get things done,  

there would still be more of me to get life done on the morrow

That migraine I was fighting through was a passing moment~ so I thought 

The stomach bug I kept getting was just because I was trying to get so much done ! 

I was run down ~ so I thought

Long ago and far away i thought I could fight my way through anything and everything ~ so I thought

But I was learning bit by bit! 

My cart was gaining skills of a different kind! The ones which can only be attained through an alchemy of spiritual and physical fire of storms overcome by grace and mercy! 

Everytime I stepped out to overcome with hope and optimism-even if it failed ? I won! 

Because long ago and far away I learned I am never alone! When I reach out for Grace  and Mercy ~ He has never left me empty handed nor left my heart sad! Beauty and Peace has  


 always settled into my soul and spirit! Because long ago and far away I found it to be true!