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We Can Breathe When

We can Breathe when we know GP is not a terror for those we do not know 

As well as those we do 

We can breathe we we know the treatments have all been laid bare and we see them 

Then with full knowledge, & Dr of No Harm we can Breathe through our next steps 

We can Breathe when our choices fail because they were made in the light of day 

With all options on our table this day facing Gastroparesis or any other incurable pain

Yes, we can breathe, even through the pain, because human dignity is a mighty thing! 

We can breathe when all know our toil and trouble was for naught but was sought out of despair 

We can no longer hold our breaths while others hold their tongues in the face of our starving, malnutrition, dehydrated, brothers and sisters! 

We can breathe because we speak!