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We Have Diamonds

WE have diamonds priceless diamonds! They cannot be bought! They are moments with our most precious of gifts! Our children! They do and say things that will be forever etched upon our hearts! We will face moments in our lives that are hard to make sense of and equally hard to understand! But we will still are given our diamonds! They just love our moments with them! They really do not require us to spend major$! I will tell you my kids had the best time with making imaginary things which cost little but made awesome memories! I will also tell you when the time came that guilt came for me about  not being everything I want to be or used to be they have let me know I still matter just being me! Like I said diamonds are priceless! 

I want to share with you some pictures of my most priceless pieces! One is of two necklaces! One necklace is a hand crocheted (the blue one) piece using the inside of an empty dental floss container with a heart drawn on it! My oldest son did this when he was about 12 yrs old. The other necklace was made by my other son when he was in his 20’s one of his first attempts at this type of work with a crystal he had searched for and used for my necklace! 

This is a poem written by our daughter! And sits in her room! It is faded from sunlight but this is what it says! 

My Parents

My love goes to you both

I cherish you

With every breath I take
You are my protectors 

Whom I am grateful for

Every morning that

I wake
I know that I am difficult


You keep on loving me,

And because if that

I know you always 


I hope you will always see

That eternally growing 

Love in me 

Written by Jessica 🌀 

Senior year high school  

The small picture is a photo of my three children when they were younger ! The other photo, a wedding picture of my baby girl on her wedding day with my dear hubby!