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We Have Hope – Will You Join Our Fight? 

Do you know how your life is going to go? 

Of course you do not know! 

None of us do! We plan and pray from day to day, upon these goals with blessings great and small!

We make our way through this mystery called life. 

Yet for some of us? We do this and for the most part hold up our end of the bargain! 

But our bodies betrayed us along the way! In this mystery of a digestive tract! It seems so simple right? Put your fuel in and it passes through taking its nutrients and then passing out the waste once we have received what we need! But for some of us, approximately 5+ million… we have an issue! We cannot receive the fuel nor is getting to where it needs to go! And for some of us? We cannot properly get what we need from the fuel we put in with the hope of getting something out of those nutrients! Regardless of how much pain it causes by sitting there too long, or how many times our body betrays us? We keep trying! Using the fuel analogy, if you had a car, which despite how beautiful it looked, how well it seemed to checkout and pass all its tests? It still would not run because as soon as you put in its fuel? It just sat there or it flew through its system leaving you stranded! Or it turns on you like you have sugar in your tank! This is us, except we are the car and unfortunately all of this causes great distress! But we keep trying! And find new ways to try.

Why? because we have hope! We have hope that one day we will awaken from this nightmare, just as quickly as it claimed our lives, hope! We have copious amounts of hope that our motility disorders will be slayed by a researcher, who discovers a breakthrough! Why should I believe this when we are frantically searching for just awareness and seem unable to get a proclamation Petition to congressional to Declare August Gastroparesis Awareness Month and  a petition Petition to Congress to establish Gastroparesis a disability and a resource petition for Mitochondrial patients Mitococktail insurance coverage. Petition 2 Congressj and finally the most important H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016) we need all congressional representatives to co-sponsor this Bill! 

See, I believe there is a link between the mitochondrial issues and our motility issues! I mean how could there not be? I have the bones of an 80 year old, have cataract implants in both eyes my large intestine quit working many years ago, and I am 53 years old. I often cannot shower by myself. I cannot trust myself to drive the majority of the time. The vagus nerve plays an integral part in the digestive process. If we can use stem cell replacement to get to the heart of the matter with mitochondria (energy cells) then perhaps it could also effect the vagus nerve. Now I am not a doctor nor do I have a medical degree at all! I have an eternal infinite amount of hopeful optimism! 

I hope you will join us, sign our proclamation, petition, Bill, and help us Fight! Gastroparesis Fight Video- created by Trisha High Bundy – to Rachel Platten’s FIGHT SONG or Jennifer Montgomery’s Awareness Video