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Your Shoes My Shoes

Have you ever caught yourself making a judgement? Of course you have! We all have! We are Human! 

We all make opinions in seconds without putting on the other person’s shoes. And in some situations it is impossible to know the whole story, or to then put each other’s full pair of shoes on! But we can always try!  

When someone is truly sick but , has the phrase applied to them on a continual basis it makes the ” walk a day in my shoes process a little more difficult” #ButYouDontLookSick is the hash tag applied to a large community of motility disorder patients walking around day to day with so many things going on you would be wondering how is this person still functioning at all if you could actually put on their shoes! 

But I want to make a request! We are about to engage in Gastroparesis Awareness Month in many states, as designated by our Governor’s! My state of AR along with MI, IN, UT,WI,WV,MA,NV

Can we try extra hard to imagine with each bite of food how it would feel if it might be your last solid food for years? Or if you eat that bite of food it might have dyer consequences,depending upon what it is you are putting in your mouth (the beginning of digestion)! So think carefully is it worth the pain nausea,cramping, constipation/diarrhea or should you stick with a nice soup, broth or smoothie, which is lactose,gluten, free and is vegan? And even if you do this it may still produce bad results but it is your best chance of a happy ending! And then if you want to spice things up a little we can add some nausea relieving herbs! Ginger,cardamom, peppermint, and a little cilantro for flavoring! 

Then let’s put the other pair of GP shoes on …the pair that gains weight while being malnourished at the same time. Your body is in starvation mode, it is holding water, and your small intestines are not properly distributing your nutrition and yet when you try to tell someone you have Gastroparesis, what it is and how your stomach is not working? They are not kind with their judgements! Nor with their looks! See I can’t Just “gain weight” and they ” just lose weight” it is slightly more complicated than that! 

 But we can certainly be empathetic to each other! I can wear your shoes and you can wear my shoes!