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Let’s Just Go Out And

I sit with you and pretend all is well

Not because I am trying to hide or lie 

But because GP has exhausted me 

I want a reality which is truly mine 

 Most days I am fine with the hand that has been dealt

I can accept this reverse lottery that turned my life upside down 

I can laugh instead of frown 

I want to sit with you at the dinner table and have everyone ignore my lack of ability 

To eat with any normality 

I am here to partake of love, friendship, conversation, normalcy, you know Life

And I am not mad because you can and I cannot! 

In fact I am celebrating! Yes I am thrilled – you hear me? Thrilled! Ecstatic! Exhilarated! 

Why you say? Because not one person, no not one! 

Not one person, to have to experience this lack of ability to eat and/or have food rotting in your stomach. 

So, as I sit and enjoy this day hoping no scent goes by my way

which goes and flips my tummy ruining my perfectly erect facade 

Yes, let me sit here listen to the perfect rapport  

Like my bowels are on lockdown with orders not to interfere or erupt 

And yet at the same time I’ve had a lengthy conversation with them they must perform! This is just a a brief moment in time I am asking for ..  They can not rebel on me they do that enough! Shoot they are already paralyzed and I am just asking for an evening! 

See not only has GP exhausted me but chronic intestinal psudo-obstruction syndrome with colon inertia. 

This is why you need to only focus on the dinner order! Not a peep about this hot mess of a disease! With a side course of mitochondrial malabsorption and migraines! 

What did you say the desert is!?  I really hope this date is thought out and there is a band playing later in the evening! 

Happy Gastroparesis awareness Month #curegp #GastroparesisAwareness