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Who Are You? How Did You Get In Here?

Who is this? How did it get in the house? Tell me! Tell me right Now! 

Because something managed to not only do a home invasion but a body invasion too! 

That’s right you heard me! A body invasion! Something, just right up & jumped into my guts! Then spread its toxicity all over my body! 

This is how I know it is an invader! It’s venom slithers itself like tentacles and barnacles all over my insides! Like it has a right to do this! Nothing and no one received my permission!!! 

It stabs with its knife so hard I lose my breath! Then it takes its strong ugly teeth, claws or maybe it took some tools in there with it! Maybe it has some vice grips in there with It and is applying them slowly causing  mild cramping! Maybe it even took some battery powered power tools with it  (I.e. a power drill) and is playing around in my gut! Maybe it even took a special blanket which keeps himself hid from MRI’s and CT’s or ultrasounds! 

Yes, maybe it’s ugly little batteries are breaking down and that accounts for the liquid fire or perhaps it is a fire-breathing dragon visiting or it has multiple abilities to be hateful! This entity which has taken up residency in my gut! I am told I have Gastroparesis, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome, Colon Inertia, and Mitochondrial Malabsorption. But I really think I have been invaded by a pain inducing critter/monster, he may have brought friends for all this pain! These migraines? Well that is its own special demon from Hell! I bet it is an tiny ugly lil creature from another galaxy the size of the tiniest thing imaginable! And he has met the Devil himself! 

Yep, I think my GP Monster (ie Body Invasion = pain ) makes a lot of sense and would be easier to solve than Gastroparesis or motility disorders! But what I want my sisters and brothers to know is we will get there and you are not alone! And to those trying to understand? For a lot of us there is too much pain with this disease! But most is ineffective or takes what/if any motility we have left. There must surely be research for a way to address pain without taking motility.We have medications directly geared for migraines! Where are the medications to address the pain I described to you? Waves of cramps? Knives stabbing you, fires being set inside you? Or a sudden sharp jab of a knife stab? The level of this pain stops you in your tracks! You cannot breath! You have to conscientiously concentrate on breathing! Your stomach stays so tender you can’t handle any pressure on it! Nor do wear any tight clothing you are all ready being squeezed and twisted on the inside! You do not want any external pressure! Therefore everything is loose and comfy! And because weight can fluctuate I have a range of sizes in my closet! And by range I mean size 2 – 8. Small to large.

To the #GPmonster/s who have taken up residence? This is your eviction notice! We are coming for you literally and figuratively! #curegp #1Voice1Cure #HR2311 #Fight2CureGP #EllenDanceWithRaven You are going down #Gastroparesis it is #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth & #Gastroparesis you are going down in Jesus’ name.

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