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GP Truth 

I weep in a silence so loud it could blow buildings off the Earth! 

I smile with a sadness so pretty it could crack all the mirrors in Perth! 

I live in a pain so deep it should take my breath but I still speak! 

I look at you with joy while everything seems so completely bleak! 

I choose the forward instead of the back to not break! 

I let you see to bring you closer to the incurable 

I tell you the lie to then tell you the truth to save you from drowning 

5 plus million know the meaning of holding a mirror in front of them 

See, you see you… And only the bits & pieces of a truth! 

Gastroparesis is a fathom of pain, 

 no one should walk alone 

Much less be left without Awareness, Treatments, Research, or a cure 

I have let you come in now 

What are you going do to now, that you know?