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The Time Has Come GP

Ends of sentences become huge questions 

Answers become fixations 

Because Gastroparesis 

Is the truth embedded with a lie 

A continuation of steadfast humble pie 

Where no truth or lie real

 no expectation proves a positive or a negative 

It is an idiom wrapped in a fact denied

Time told but never pinned to a wall 

Like its very breath chooses to stall 

Only to be exasperatingly exhausting to one and all 

We find a few to bolster our spirits

To keep our sanity against this monster 

Which tries to hide its face from doctors and not even make itself seen to further torment us 

But it has no idea who it has chosen to fester its ugliness upon 

We are ready to pull back the curtain on its hateful nature and not let it play us against each other any longer … You can no longer call the shots 

We are united now we know your tricks, your game, your going to be exposed sooner or later! 

Whether on Today, Ellen, GMA, CBS, CNN, etc… Your little Hide – n – Seek routine is about over!!!