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#TodayIsTheDay #Gastroparesis #1Action4GP 

Soon all the green will be gone, we will still be here, #Green4gp 

Right Now! you Can Help! 

#September #GastroparesisActionMonth

#1Action4GP #Curegp

  #HR2311(we need co-sponsors) 

Here is a link to help:


(I am so proud of my Fellow Arkansan/GPSister she needs 

Votes everyday once on Twitter then on Facebook with a share

To win the cover!) This is an excellent action for Awareness! 
We really will be thrilled if you do more than one! 

#GetGreenified to make an #InvisibleIllness 

#Visible 💚 This genius idea is from our GPSister Jessica Faye-Watters! She really Rocks! 


 (More info on .. Also additional support groups if you need them !

#ShowYourGreen #Unite4GP

 (to learn/donate if, that is your action ^ they have a proven record of using money to help achieve research for Digestive Disorders. They are an established non-profit since 1991) The Digestive Health Alliance (DHA) is the grassroots arm of the Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), a nonprofit education and research organization.

The Gastroparesis Fighting for a Change Community Page 

We would really like for you to like us 😊💚😊💚

The Gastroparesis Day by Day Community Page: we would also like you to like us! 😊💚😊💚

See you have soooo many options! The thing is I have left off some and unintentionally I assure you! When you live with “brain fog” from years of malnutrition and dehydration everyday you accomplish something is a “hand to heart” BLESSING! 😍😘 

We need you to help 5 million trying to help themselves but (for some) most days consist of just barely able to help themselves! We need the cancer survivors ( of whom there are a lot in our community .. Our immune systems are just zapped and I believe we are more vulnerable.. That is JUST MY THOUGHTS!.. Stress and a lack of an immune system … I am not a Dr) so we need the other warriors who have been successful at being not being ignored to reach out to us! No story of a serious illness without a cure is easy or pretty but it is our story and it hasn’t to be heard! 

With that I will leave you the final link: Ms Melissa Adams VanHoughten’s video in which she bravely lays her heart on the table to kick-off the idea of #GastroparesisActionMonth 

She has given purpose to so many of us with Gastroparesis Fighting for Change, I don’t know if she will know how appreciative we are to her and all she does! She is told often! I think though the magnitude may not be fully seen! I myself as a former teacher, love being a cog, I the wheel of service! So, the days I can advocate for our community? I am happy as I can be! Because we will be heard! I have a strong Faith and know God hears all and answers all! Maybe not the way we asked or when we asked but all will be done in His time!

Thank you! 

For your #1Action4GP