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When We Are Green ~ Will You See?

A brilliant idea from Jessica-Faye Watters Jessica-Faye’s Twitter page! 
Those days, long ago and far away, when I jogged, biked, swam, aerobics, stretched, and hiked! I used to say “I eat to live! I do not live to eat!” I was so conscious of eating right! I am not saying I was perfect but I was trying to do the right things! Then the large intestine that had given me problems for a very very long time, but I had written it off to me “just having a nervous tummy” I had to use laxatives way more than I should have, but I never had time to really think about it! I had a life to live! Until I was unable to live it! That large intestine? It just stopped! It was paralyzed. 

Now? I live for the day I can eat and there is a cure for Gastroparesis! The day I am no longer starving while living for the day I can eat with a cure for GP! At the same time praying this leads to an answer with colon inertia, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction with mitochondrial malabsorption. Because it only makes sense that they are all tied together in the ugliest bow you could ever imagine of motility disorders International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders is a good resource if you are also in this fight! If you are looking to help by donating they are also your best choice in my opinion