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GP Inside Out

I can only tell you, bless your itty bitty heart! 

I will pray for you! If you are from the south? You understand the first statement, was a backhanded kiss of death! 

Today I have read too many instances of people being rude to my GP family. My Gastroparesis family whom I spend everyday with and  I have become very close with and love them! The public – humanity is not very kind to those of us with #InvisibleIllnesses or Illnesses. Usually it is because they do not understand. Whether it is a tube feeding person trying to enjoy their day or someone trying to eat out with their family for the first time in a year or in the last six months! Because you see, what you cannot see? Our paralysis is on the inside! Our digestive tracts are broken! They are to varying degrees disfuctional! We cannot eat nor some of us move our bowels like you, due to the varying degrees of paralysis. We deal with a debilitating set of symptoms due to our digestive systems not working! Nausea, vomiting, pain, diarrhea, constipation, procedures, surgeries, iv’s, feeding tubes, it goes on and on…. there are no true successful treatments! But we are asked why don’t you this or that? 

And this is where the God Bless you, and Bless your lil heart comes from! 

Would you walk up to a paraplegic and start telling them to get out of the bed? And proceed to tell them everything they were doing was wrong to be laying in that bed or in the chair? If they would just unhook all that equipment everything would be just fine for the paraplegic? Of course you wouldn’t but on a daily basis we get all kinds of suggestions because you cannot “see” our paralyzed digestive tracts! 

And I swear to you, some of the advice given to us makes about as much sense as telling a person who has had their limbs amputated to go grow some more limbs! It is insane! So, yes, Bless your lil bitty heart and prayers for enlightenment!