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Dear God

Dear God, 

Can you please give us just a hint on what is going on? We are saying our prayers, we have tried every holistic process known to reset our paralyzed digestive tracts, some have had multi- organ transplants Lord. Like you don’t already know Lord! But Lord, things are getting serious down here! 

Then Lord some have had to have major parts of their digestive tracts removed and still we hold out for the larger NATIONAL PLATFORM to wake-up to this incurable disease. But Lord you know we cannot stand still while we shake the little limbs of the media tree , because our family, your children are dying! You know all this! You know everything! You have met your beautiful Angels so many here of late, beautiful young women! All so filled with dreams and hopes of any other young beautiful youth! Lord could you just give us a hint at when or how long we are going to have to shake the media tree? Or how many more brave Angels will go to you?  Before we get our Bill HR2311? Before people realize there are thoughts to be discussed and avenues to be explored?! If we as lay patients see a way? How many more can those wise doctors see? Lord just a hint? May we at least see an insight into the design of the large plan? Because what we know is we trust and believe, all is well, this too shall pass, and our Peace will Be Still!

Just Lord don’t forget we are still here being human and help us remember to give Grace to ourselves as well to each other — even the media — we are trying to shake their media tree! Grace to them too Lord! Amen!