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#InvisibleFight #Gastroparesis

#invisibleFight is it me or did you just see the real or the light inside the  Iamokaynow ?

I am okay is the clarion call I sang for years to make all think my fight was “okay” this day! 

I sat in my “Fake it till you Make It” space until the facade, the energy, & the clarion call? 

Became the truth of it all! 

#IAmOkayNow is the optimist to which is the core & it will always seek more! 

#IamOkay is the #InvisibleFight fighting day in & Day out to be in the life #invisibleIllness is trying to close its door! Well no more! 

I have just called your bluff with telling it all! 

Don’t collect bail, Do not Pass Don’t collect the $200, just get to #curegp or go to Jail 

Yeah, I know I mangled the monopoly phrase but you see our guts are all a mess and this time has come! 

We need you to see past, the smiles, the laughs, the bravado, the “Fakeit til you make it” crack the thin veil we put up which we want; but it is the oxymoron of our #InvisibleFight! …While respecting our right to live in our light! 

Can you see now the truth of the Invisible fight? The high wire act? You can’t put bubbles back in the bottle! We so want to float and fly, but we burst so easily – once we are outside our carefully controlled environments! We are the paralyzed but it is all internal! And our invisible fight is like trying to describe to man what it feels like to give birth! You can try and do a very good job with the most empathetic! But until you put those shoes on? It is just slightly out of reach! But you are almost there aren’t you? In our invisible fight? Feeling what it must be like to be forever hungry,yet in pain and not dare to eat, some so thin with malnutrition/dehydration and others so swollen with weight and still malnourished/dehydrated! Treated so unkindly by lack of knowledge! You are walking now with me right? Because you can feel the eyes of judgement and sheer stupidity in the public arena because the lack of knowledge leads to words which cut our insides already shredded with pain! 

Now, you see, feel , the #InvisibleFight #Gastroparesis! There is much to be done! 

Invisible Fight