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#iiwk15 #GPCloak 

Do you know where your cloak is? Is it a #GPCloak? And do you think “OMG, she has slipped a gear poor dear!” 

But you don’t know cause I give you the all clear, everything is fine my Dear! 

I am okay! Is what I say! My “#GpCloak is up & ready for my day – cause I don’t know what stupidity may come tumbling from your lips!” The ones which can eat, pass food through and sip! Yes slurp and sip on any delish dish! Are you wearing one too?! 

We need you to be the one who sees past the shell~ reveal this torturous digestive hell ! I am not a puppy! Not a fish, nor a cat! Or even a cute lil two-year old! I may be you and you may be me! We need #1Action4GP 

Come on over here my sister, my brother and tell me how you earned your cloak? Was it in a moment where you almost strangled a beloved in-law? Or was it someone who did /does not mean it but can’t keep their foot out of their mouths’ and therefore you dress yourself with the shield, sword, shoes, truth, word, and then it became apparent you needed it every time you stepped! This #GPCloak earned with each storm you surmounted! When you claimed “Peace Be Still” the stripes and stars were not visible to anyone like the disease we battle? This #GPCloak is brilliantly invisible as our diseases but just as real! With each storm! And each “Peace Be Still” our #GPCloak is stronger, brighter, with its presence we know the words of others can cause no harm nor another storm!

Come over here and listen to the story of how #5millionGPstrong discovered #GPCloaks to survive the undeniable truth of their brilliance in the light of humanity’s lackluster or at times cruelty but their cloaks become brighter because this #iiwk15 may bring you into enlightenment & you will be blinded by the beauty! #Gastroparesis is #GP #CureGP is the fight Gastroparesis Fighting for Change in the fight we are like the caterpillar at the #curegp the brilliance will be revealed! More information on motility disorders please go to the The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointesrinal Disorders