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Gastroparesis Don’t think you…

Gastroparesis don’t think you are going to get to speak on this matter too long today! #DearGastroparesis: <—your game is up!You will not sit in the corner unnoticed ! Time<— is up! You cannot hide any longer. . 

Gastroparesis: gastroparesis ? Your funkified parafied brokified destructive entity You will not play us against us each other any longer! You cannot present yourself as IBS SBBO GP DTP  OR another set of letters and

We will #Unite4GP Get #EllenToDanceWithRaven cause #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin to #CureGP 
Gastroparesis: you starve us to death, we have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, constipation, and it never stops … 

Because your whole world revolves around trying to get enough nutrition to actually live your life. Gastroparesis is about how you cannot have enough nutrition to actually live your life.

The two worlds collide gastroparesis and a normal life. But we know you now Gastroparesis and we are going to #Scream4GP until you have no place to stay! No where to hide! Everyone knows your name & number! 

Gastroparesis you do not win! Gastroparesis cannot hide behind in a group! A person – A thing- or your name itself! GASTROPARESIS we are screaming for gastroparesis to be heard! Gastroparesis Fighting for Change