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I Saw You

I thought I saw you turning away, only to have you back in my day! 

Why must you slice through my life? Stripping me of my own personnel dignity? 

I pray to the trinity! 

I ask Grace to speak and know I believe in alpha, omega, infinity! 

Everything which WAS became all we ever knew in the blink of an eye – it all washed away a brilliantly shiny star had returned itself to the heavenly choir! 

I saw you turn the corner and out of the corner of my eyes I saw the guardians of the sky! 

I heard all the unspoken cries and no longer knew why some wish to rush to meet their maker when only God can call you home and if you disrupt this plan there will be Hell to pay! 

I saw you turn the corner the other day! Acting like you had a say in my day! My Angels said you have no claim upon my soul nor are you allowed to dance inside my guts and hide my life as your own! It is not where you abide! Nor where you reside! Get on up outa here trying to paralyze my mind, with your hateful fear making all I hold dear run away! 

As if my guts could jump out and suck the life out of everyone around us! I saw you turn the corner the other day trying to look ok, with an ok, say ok, mean ok! But your green face gave all the secrets away and told the world about your Pukey guts! I saw you turn the corner briefly the other day too skinny, too heavy, too normal, too weird, it is all the same I caught you being starved in broad daylight! Screaming your name from the depths of your guts! Like you had no tomorrow! Because you turned the corner and saw 3 sweet souls depart this world before their time!