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GP Fog 

Let me see if I can tell you a little about GP. 

There is a Fog. Please imagine yourself in a fog so thick you can barely see a foot or two in front of yourself. Suddenly, you see a person standing in front of an elevator. They hand you a set of numbers and tells you, “Memorize these numbers! When you exit the elevator you will need them!” They then take the numbers and instruct you to board the elevator. 

The doors of the elevator open ( you have been repeatedly saying the numbers over and over because you know, if you do not? You will lose the numbers!) you rush from the elevator! You immediately hit a concrete wall and knock yourself out!  Upon awakening, you begin to try to remember the numbers as you hit the button to start the elevator again. But you are stuck, until you remember as you look down and see your pen hanging from your neck, you wrote the numbers on your wrist! 

The elevator is moving! It opens again! This time you hesitate and look around! Now, as you step out, you see you are standing above the fog! You look to your right, there is a combination safe! Now you move to it and begin to use the numbers, but you have forgotten the sequence! Even above the fog? Things are not always clear! Eventually you open the safe! Once opened you see a very special light with a tiny notebook! And a backpack with wings! You will not go as you came! 

Because you see GP Fog is like this in our heads in real life from years of malnutrition & dehydration but if we step out with a light from a greater power than ourselves with a great #Faith & #TrustNBelieve #WeCanDoAllThings even defeat #GPFog