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A New Way to Go! 

Educational Post with a testimony, I have been walking with, surviving with chronic illness since at least 1996. My diagnosis came in 1999 at least the biggest part other pieces would reveal themselves over the years. During the years I had never heard of “Palliative Care” but this year I had another obstruction this year in July 4 – 24 with surgery. I was referred to them after my long stay in July. I was so hesitant because I have so many Dr’s and so little energy. I did not want start over with another group and I did not know anything about the group. But it was the best choice I could have ever made. 

Here is the definition of Palliative care: 

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialised medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis.

A palliative care team consists of a Chaplain, a Social Worker, a Nurse, and Doctor. The teams may vary from state to state and from Hospital to Hospital but anyone dealing with chronic illness I believe will benefit from a palliative care team evaluation. It has been a Blessing for me they caught the second partial obstruction I was dealing with in August not even out of the hospital a month! They sent me to get a CT Scan after making sure I had something for pain! That has been the true blessing in this situation I do not have to suffer this debilitating pain all the time. 

They are following up on all my little over looked items that are a problem but I do not have the time nor energy to chase. AND THEY UNDERSTAND THIS! I have since looked at Palliative Care teams in two different states for two different friends because they have been that beneficial to me! And they are completely covered by my insurance. 

When you are home bound yet trying to keep things positive it is awesome to have a good care team helping… It is actually priceless with incurable illnesses which leave you in a state where you never ever know from minute to minute how your day is going to turn. No plans can made which are dependent upon you, but I am determined to make the best of my #iamokaynow 

I am not in a prison, I am in my #Sanctuary 

I am not useless, I have #Purpose

I am not #BeatingTheOdds nor #BeyondTheTimeExpected , I am #Healed by being #ACogInAPottersWheel 

I am not worrying, fretting, or anxious about yesterday, or tomorrow, I am living in #MyMoment I will not Rob myself of seconds, minutes or an hour by stealing from myself or my #TrustInGod by #RobbingFromTheCross where I laid my burdens down only to pick them up again! Like a thief in the night! Even if you do not believe as I do the concept applies. All spiritual, holistic, therapeutic consultation will take to this place of Grace! 

Blessings Be today! 

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